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It’s exciting in the beginning.  You find your dream site, design your dream home, and have it priced by a builder…  hmmm, not what you were expecting?  So you get an estimate from another builder but there are significant differences in costs and specifications, most of which you don’t fully understand.  Builders and their sales consultants are warning you about other builders, urging you to compare ‘apples with apples’, to beware of insufficient provisional sums, etc.  Yikes!



‘An independent service to consumers’

There are a lot of good and honest builders in New Zealand. Our mission is to empower consumers with the tools and the knowledge to find them.

Specification Check

$395 incl. GST

An affordable option to have an independent specification check at any time prior to signing a build contract.

This SpecCheck service is designed to reveal insufficient provisional sums, errors and omissions, lack of detail, conflicting information or additional costs that could arise during your build project.

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Plan Check and Custom Specification

$690 incl. GST

Have you received your concept plans but haven’t arranged a build estimate?

Maybe you’ve had quotes from two or more builders but feel frustrated and confused by the different inclusions, exclusions and provisional sums.

Your plans and specifications will be an integral part of your build contract, so it’s important these are accurate, detailed and understood by you prior to signing a build contract.


Price Check



There are several ways you can price-check your build.

The most common practice is to take your plans to a few builders for quotes, but plans alone are not enough to achieve comparable pricing.

There are many factors that need to be considered, and decisions made by you, before you are able to supply the right information to builders.